10 Easy Whole Food Plant Based Snacks

plant based snacks

Lately I’ve been researching plant based snacks- in an attempt to steer clear of the bags of crisps and other processed snacks that are just so convenient to buy, but are not exactly the best choice to eat on a daily basis.

I love a pre packaged snack- they’re just so EASY. Grab and go! But in my attempts to eat more whole foods, I’m in need of alternatives. Yes- an Apple or a Banana is absolutely a grab and go snack, but sometimes I just want something a little more fancy, you know?

If you too are looking to eat less processed snacks, but don’t want to spend ages making something healthier, check out these 10 easy plant based snacks, the majority of which can be made in under 15 minutes.

Kale Chips

Crisps are my #1 savoury go to snack. Whilst Kale is never going to taste like a deep fried slice of potato, it has the crunch factor that I love about crisps, and you can season it how you like.

To Make:

  • Grab a couple of handfuls of Kale (I use curly) and remove any chunky stalks.
  • Preheat your airfryer to 180c/350f.
  • Spray the air fryer and Kale lightly with oil, or low calorie spray.
  • Cook for 3 minutes, then check to see how done it looks. It may need a few more minutes, but be careful: it can burn REAL quick.
  • Add your seasonings- Salt and Black Pepper, Nutritional Yeast, or any spice blend that you love.

In my experience- this doesn’t keep well at all. Best enjoyed fresh.

Crispy Chickpeas

So you can actually buy these here in the UK, but boy are they expensive! If you’re feeling flush check out Brave or The Happy Snack Company.

These are super easy to make, but again- they don’t keep well.

To Make:

  • Drain and rinse a 400g tin of Chickpeas. Dry them as much as possible in kitchen roll, or a clean tea towel.
  • If using dried, soak them as you usually would then dry off as much as you can.
  • Preheat your air fryer to 180c/350f.
  • Spray the chickpeas with oil, or low calorie cooking spray. Toss in your favourite seasoning (think BBQ, Nutritional Yeast, Salt and Black Pepper, Italian Seasoning, etc)
  • Cook for 10mins, shaking at the 5minute mark.
  • Cook another 5mins- they should be done, but if not a couple of extra minutes should do the trick.

Apple with Nut Butter

Give your daily apple an upgrade with nut butter! The combination of the natural sugars of the apple, and the protein and fat from the nuts improves satiety big time. About 2tbsp of nut butter with your apple is usually plenty, but you do you!

To make it more fun- slice your apple horizontally across to make 4 slices, then sandwich together with the nut butter.

Banana Shake

A healthy chocolate shake recipe- because those chocolate cravings will hit! If Cocoa seems “unhealthy” to you, check out Dr Gregers work here (Spoiler- it’s actually healthy)

To Make:

  • Add 1 Banana, 1tbsp Cocoa Powder, 1tbsp Nut Butter, 1tsp of Vanilla Extract, 1tbsp Maple Syrup (You can skip this if your banana is super ripe) 1tbsp Flaxseed (optional, but great for Omega-3) and 180ml of plant milk to a blender and blend till smooth and creamy.

Hummus with Crackers (or Crudites)

You can use store bought Hummus, or make your own for an oil free version. Combine it with whole grain crackers and/or crudites for an easy snack. Dr Greger suggests 60g of Hummus is a good portion size but again, you do you!

vegan plant based whole food air fried chickpea snack

Nakd Bars

If you have zero time and energy, grab yourself some Nakd bars. They are 100% fruit and nut based with no added anything. No sugar, preservatives, oil- nothing! They are available in the majorty of supermarkets. If you want to buy in bulk and save money- Amazon is your best bet.

In the US? Lara Bars are very similiar!

Homemade Snack Bars

Ok, so this is a bit of effort- but if you’ve got some time on a weekend you can make these and then you have a plant based snack for the whole week!

Check out these recipes:

Simple Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Banana Blueberry Bars

Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Snack Bars

Vegetable Crisps

A great way to eat your veggies! These work best with vegetables like Carrot, Parnsip, Beetroot and of course, Potatoes. One of my favourite plant based snacks!

Top tip- if you don’t have a mandoline, just use a vegetable peeler to make strips.

To Make:

  • Slice your vegetables using a mandolin, or vegetable peeler.
  • Preheat airfryer to 180c/350f
  • Lightly spray airfryer and chips with oil, or low calorie cooking spray.
  • Cook 5 minutes, then shake. Cook for a further 5 minutes, then check to see how done they are. Again, they can burn quickly, so be careful.

These will keep in an airtight container for a few days, but they might lost a bit of crispiness.

Trail Mix

Ah- the classic! You can make (or buy) a batch of this and portion it out into individual portions that are easy to grab (and to stop any potential I ate the whole bag mishaps)

To make your own- simply combine any combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. A handful (40g or so) is a good snack size.

Snickers Dates

Love Snickers but hate all the sugar? This plant based snack version is for you.

To Make

  • Pit a Medjool Date (or however many you’re making!)
  • Add 1tsp of Peanut Butter, a few chopped peanuts- then dip in dark chocolate.
  • Pop in the fridge to set. These will keep, so feel free to make extra!

I hope you found this list helpful! Do you have any tasty plant based snacks that you love? Share in the comments below!

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  1. These easy plant-based snacks sound delicious! My favorite would be the banana shake and trail mix!! Steering clear of pre-packaged snacks is a great idea with all the awful ingredients in them. Making your own is the way to go! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My bestie and I are starting a health journey on March 1, so I found this right on time because my biggest struggle is healthy snacks.

  3. All these snack ideas sound delicious and super healthy. I don’t tend to eat a lot of snacks but when I do I try to stick to the healthier side of them. I’ll have to remember these next time I need a snack. My husband would love the Snickers dates.

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