66 Books: What I Bought and a Review!


Last weekend Husband and I took a trip to 66 Books.

66 Books is a big trade only book warehouse located in Hemel Hempstead in Heretforshire, England that one weekend a month opens it’s doors to the public to buy books at 70% off. We came across it on Social Media (Where else!) mostly from reels showing the inside, and various books people had found. For us it’s less than an hour to drive, so we put it in the calendar.

The website stated that Sunday is less busy than Saturday, so we opted for Sunday. It also stated that it gets VERY busy VERY quickly, so we got there for one hour before it opened, and there was already a queue! When we left, the time marker signs in the queue were up to “Two Hours from the Point” Yikes!

We didn’t have to wait long fortunately, and as we stepped inside we were given the one minute lowdown from a staff member about NOT posting on Social Media as it, in his words, “ruins it for everyone” as they aren’t set up as a retail business and when it gets busy, it’s too busy and given they have to limit numbers of people in at a time, it means a long wait for everyone else. Also- to not ask staff to check if they have a particular book. (There’s just no time/capacity to check)

Talk over, we grabbed a basket each, and got walking (It’s a great way to get those steps in- we did about 5k each!)

Here’s a picture of just ONE walkway, for context!

The first few walkways were filled with Childrens books. It took a bit more walking to find adult fiction, but we got there! An important caveat here- the books are in very general categories so you will have to search the shelves to get a good look at what’s there. There are kickstools around so you can reach the top shelves.

Top Tips

Arrive EARLY. Like, a minimum of an hour before it opens or you will be looking at queuing over two hours.

Don’t go in with a list of specific books you want. You are unlikely to find them! Best to go with an open mind, and see what’s available. You will probably find something you might otherwise never have thought about purchasing. I will say that I saw TONS of crime/thriller books (So not my jam) so if that’s what you like, you will probably come away with lots of new books!

Fuel up with a big breakfast before you go. I’ll admit, by the time we were finished with the first floor my energy was starting to wane, and the books were all starting to blur together. You aren’t allowed food or drink inside (I’ll admit I had a water bottle and took a few sips!)

This building is NOT accessible for wheelchair users. There are no lifts (elevators) and the walkways are incredibly narrow. There is no seating either.

I had to push on though, as the ground floor was non fiction, and I love non fiction. I love learning new things. Oh, and cookbooks. I love cookbooks! My husband is purely a fiction reader so he took my heavy basket so I could whip around faster to find my beloved non fiction.

What I Bought

I knew that I wanted some Summer Chick Lit (Jenny Colgan and Rachael Lucas met that requirement!) and some Winter/Christmas Chick Lit (Heidi Swain, whose other books I loved! Also Jeevani Charika whom I have not read before but the story sounds great!)

The galaxy, and the ground within was a book I did not expect to find. I had read her first book last year, and meant to get around to the sequel but alas, I forgot. So when I saw it I had to have it. My husband picked up the first book as he had meant to read it as well, and also forgot. Honestly, what are we like? (Forgetful, apparently)

How Not to Diet by Michael Greger was my star find of the day! I had really wanted to read it but it wasn’t in the library, and it was expensive on Amazon. At 70% off here though, it was just £5! Its pretty hefty but I have loved reading it so far. Definitely one I’ll review here later.

Feed Me Vegan Was an impulse buy. Lucy Watson is very popular online and this book has rave reviews. I’ve flicked through it, but if I’m being honest the fact that Avocado features in 80% of the recipes kind of puts me off (I HATE Avocado) I’ll go back and re read it, but I dont think it will be a go to book.

Vegan Slow Cooker Now THIS is a book I will read! It had recipes in there that I’d never think to make in a slow cooker (Like marinara tear and share bread!) and not everything is a soup or stew, as is the case with most slow cooker cook books.

Total Spend

For my books the total was £27- absolute bargain! That doesn’t include the £2 membership fee (payable per household, not person, and it remains valid for a year)

Final Thoughts

66 Books was a FANTASTIC day out, and we will definitely be back. Not until next year though, as it will likely be crazy busy in the run up to Christmas. It was well worth getting up at 6.30am on a Sunday for! If you’re able to travel to Hemel Hempstead and can get there early before opening, I’d highly recommend it.


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