Best Books To Give For International Book Giving Day


Did you know that February 14th, aka Valentines Day, is also International Book Giving Day?

According to National Today

“The idea for International Book Giving Day was conceived by Amy Broadmoore, founder of Delightful Children’s Books and The Curious Kid’s Librarian in 2012. She worked with fellow blogger, Zoe Toft, founder of Playing by The Book, to get the day started.

In 2013, Broadmoore handed over the organization of the day’s events to Emma Perry, the brain behind the children’s review site, My Book Corner, and author of the children’s books “I Don’t Like Books” and “This Book Has Alpacas.” Perry is supported in the running of the events by Catherine Friess of Story Snug children’s books and learning activities.”

The main focus of the day is getting books into the hands of children, but I don’t see why it has to be limited to just children- after all, we all love books! Wouldn’t it be so great to gift a book to a friend or relative, especially on a day centred on love, just because you know they will love it? I can’t think of a better excuse to peruse a bookshop (or online) than to buy a book for someone you love (That includes you, btw!)

books to give for international book giving day

If you’ve got someone in mind, but aren’t quite sure what to get them- check out my list to help you pick up just the right book.

Best For… Hopeless Romantics

Red String Theory is hot off the press from January, and is working its way up the charts! Rooney Gao believes in the Chinese legend that everyone is tied to their true love by the red string of fate. Her beliefs are challenged however when she meets the enchanting Jack Liu, who has no time for such superstitions. For lovers of romance, second chances, and Chinese myth and legends.

Available Here

Best For… Fantasy Enthusiasts

Emily Wilde is great with Faeries, less so with people. When she moves to the village of Hrafnsvik to study the Hidden Ones (aka faeries) she has no intention of befriending anyone. But when her academic rival shows up, might she have a change of heart?

This has got rave reviews, and has been described as a darkly gorgeous fantasy by Sangu Mandanna, author of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches which is another great fantasy title!

Best For… Thrillseekers

What would you do if your Husband framed you for murder? Olivia knows, and she’s out to clear her name, and take down her husband. But how far will she go? This was a Richard and Judy Bookclub pick- high praise!

Available Here

Best For… Cosy Mystery Lovers

When Rosemary inherits Thorn Manor from her Grandmother, she’s in no position to turn it down. After moving in, both she and her teenage daughter realise this house is… different. It cleans itself for one thing. Also- the town thinks Rosemary is a murderer. Is there enough tea and magic in Myrtlewood to clear her name?

Available Here

Best For… #Booktok Followers

I don’t have TikTok, but even I know this has been doing the rounds for quite some time! This immensley popular series finished in 2022, but people are still loving and buying it. It’s described as being part Buffy, part GoT and part Outlander- perfect for lovers of fantasy.

Looking for a different genre of book? Check out these booktok recommendations

Available Here

Best For… Classics Connoiseurs

If anyone you love is enamoured with classic fiction, a Penguin Clothbound edition of their favourite is the most perfect gift you can give!

Check out the Penguin Website for a full list (and pictures!) of all available titles.

Best For… LGBTQ+ (And Allies!)

This is a graphic novel and I absolutely loved it when I read it last year. The storyline (who doesn’t love first love?) and the fact it has a mermaid drew me in.

Bookriot has more great LGBTQ+ recommendations across a wide variety of genres.

Available Here

Best For… Literary Lovers

Set in Dublin, three ordinary people encounter a bookshop- that vanishes! Can they learn to be the main characters in their own lives, and solve the mysteries that lie in the shelves of the mysterious bookshop?

Available Here

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations! If you are looking for more, I highly recommend Goodreads for reviews. It’s so helpful, especially when looking for books in a genre you aren’t familiar with.

Who would you love to gift a book to? What would you love to receive? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I haven’t heard about International Book Giving Day, but it is a great idea! I want to read The Guilty Couple from your list. I love thrillers! Thank you for your recommendations.

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