Buckinghamshire Railway Centre: What to See and How to Get There


It’s my birthday tomorrow!

I always like to “do” something for my birthday. As you get older, I think experiences become more meaningful than “stuff”. I’m not talking about anything elabroate or costly like a weekend away, but a fun day trip to somewhere local-ish where we can spend the day together and have fun!

This year I wanted to go the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. Fun fact- we thought of having our wedding here but between the cost, and Covid- it didn’t happen (The wedding did, but no fancy venue because Covid)

About Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

From their website

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is a working steam museum and heritage railway in Quainton, a small village in Buckinghamshire, between Bicester and Aylesbury. It occupies an extensive 25-acre site amid beautiful countryside, with its stunning, glass-roofed Visitor Centre taking centre stage. There’s also a large Railway Museum full of railway artefacts large and small!

During our open season (April-October), we open for Steaming Days every Sunday (plus bank holidays, and also most Wednesdays in the school holidays). Visitors can wander the large site and enjoy steam train rides, but that’s not all – there is so much to see and do! Exhibits range from large express passenger locomotives to the humble shunting engine, together with a host of smaller items recreating the golden age of steam.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m a big fan of trains. Not in a technical way- I’m not here reciting details about engines, gauges and propulsion. I love the romance of trains, well steam trains anyway. (I’m not sure anyone would call their London commute romantic these days.)

Steam trains make me think of old black and white films where the man realises he’s very much in love with the lady who just got on the train after becoming fed up with his lack of romantic expression toward her. Or real life people at the turn of the century boarding trains to travel to new places, and starting new lives! It also served as a means of travel for everyone, irrespective of class, which was unheard of when trains began to emerge onto the landscape. Yes, there were first class carriages (Still are!) but you were all on the same train essentially.

Without further adue, here are some wonderful pictures of our day out!

The Steam Train

This is the train we took a ride on! It only goes up and down the track twice, but its lovely nonetheless.

If you’re a local, or a fellow train enthusiast that’s willing to travel, I highly recommend a visit. Its a HUGE site so best to pace yourself and enjoy a mid morning cup of tea or coffee before you resume walking around again!


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