Cosy Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now


Lately, Instagram feels noisy.

The constant pushing of reels (I love a cute/funny reel as much as the next person but they’re EVERYWHERE on my feed) is making it harder than ever to see content creators that I already follow, or to find new hidden gems that I would love to follow.

I’m not a big Instagram user- I don’t really follow celebrities or influencers, preferring a more gentle and thoughtful feed. I want to see what Instagram was designed for- beautiful photos and captions! At this time of year especially I want to see beautiful photos of all things cosy- coffee shops, books, nature scenes and of course, festive bakes, DIY’s and decor as we edge closer to December. I’m forever grateful to the wonderful content creators of Instagram who put in so much time and dedication to bring us beautiful content that brightens up our day, and lets us have a sneak peek into another world, so to speak.

If your feed is in need of a refresh, and you want a cosy scroll (aka the opposite of doomscrolling) here are some of my favourite accounts right now.

Em Winter (@emwinterfallmagic)

I came across Em’s account in October and I’ve been following her ever since. I love the cosy pictures, the autumn winter vibes and the interactiveness of the account- Em polls her followers about seasonal topics (such as the best Christmas film) and engages with comments left on posts.

Daniela Pardo (@danielapardor)

If you’re into light or dark academia, beautiful architecture and books… Daniela is the perfect account for you to follow! A definite inspiration for our recent trip to Oxford.

Bella Grace Magazine (@bellagracemagazine)

Bella Grace is an American magazine published four times a year featuring personal essays, lists and dreamy reflective writing. They also publish a Cosy Issue once a year which I love and end up splurging on! Expect thoughtful quotes, cottage core stylings and sneak peeks of the next issue.

Sarah (@sarahwitpeerd)

Sarah is a Dutch blogger taking you with her on her travels through Coffee shops and book stores. The editing on these photos is next level, and every picture gives me cosy feels.

Cozy Roxette (@cozy_roxette)

Cozy Roxette features dreamy captions against calming reels. Beautful nature shots along with books and cosy indoor aesthetics too.

Do you have any cosy content creators that you follow? Let me know in the comments below.


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