Halloween Shopping 2023: Who was the winner?


Halloween is my FAVOURITE day of the year- so much so that I got married on Halloween! It was lockdown so we didn’t have a reception so thus I didn’t get a chance to decorate in the pastel Halloween theme that I wanted (Black and Orange is definitely not my style!) However that hasn’t stopped me from making my home into a pastel Halloween haven!

I don’t go crazy when I look for Halloween stuff- I’m not spending hundreds of pounds on things that will sit in my loft (attic) for 11 months of the year! Also, I’m always trying to reduce my consumption so I tend to buy just a few pieces each year and things that will last (Ok- so the candles will burn down, but still!)

I went to a few different stores- B&M’s, Poundland (Like the British Dollar Tree) and Hobbycraft (Similiar to Michael’s) but there was a CLEAR winner!

T.K MAXX- The 2023 Halloween Champion

(Its the exact same as T.J Maxx, it’s just called T.K Maxx here!)

Come on a virtual shopping trip with me courtesy of these photos!

And I coudn’t possibly undertake this shopping without a seasonally appropriate coffee.

This is the Iced Maple Hazel Latte from Costa (British Starbucks)

I have to say, I was a bit dissapointed with this. It tasted very strongly of Hazlenut (and was oddly warm for some reason) It wasn’t very sweet for a sugar laden syrup coffee. I’ll stick to Pumpkin Spice Lattes thanks.

How cute are these keychains though?

So what did I ACTUALLY end up getting?

All the items purchased are from TK Maxx, except for the wreath which is the one good thing I found in B&Ms!

A Sparkly Magic Candle

So I think this candle smells quite fruity and sweet. My husband thinks it smells more smokey/fireside-y. Not sure who is right!

Cute Kitchen Tea Towels

I ADORE these! Such a pretty pastel pink and the bats are super cute. They are also really soft- I hate crunchy tea towels or ones with weird textures.

Soft Silver Sequin Pumpkin

How fun is this? I love that the sequins are a little bit matte rather than super shiny. It make’s it seem a little more elegant I think.

Autumnal Wreath

This was the one good thing I found in B&M’s. We have a Winter/Christmas wreath from there as well. Its hung on our door ready to greet the upcoming Autumnal days!

So there you have it, everything I bought for Halloween 2023. I don’t buy anything like sweets or candy as we don’t get trick or treaters where we live. This is a good thing- I don’t want to spend my Wedding Anniversary being interrupted by the door bell!

Do you decorate for Halloween? Or more just Autumn/Fall? Let me know in the comments!


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