10 Ways To Thrive In Autumn and Winter


As we all begin to hunker down for the colder half of the year, a sort of hibernation if you will, it got me thinking. What are my “must haves” to make it through my hibernation? Ok so I’m not actually hibernating, but I will definitely be spending more time indoors… and thus need ample supplies to make it to Spring!

If you’re in need of inspiration to make the most of Autumn and Winter, check out my top ten must have’s for making the best of the cold weather.

Good Coffee

Good coffee (We’ll get onto tea next!) is one of my little joys in life. Never ever Instant Coffee. Either a Nespresso pod, or ground coffee brewed in my cafetiere. I’ve recently become a bit obsessed with Lofbergs Fika Ground Coffee. One- I love the concept of Fika (The Swedish take on a proper Coffee Break with pastries) and two it’s the perfect balance of strength vs. acidity. Plus the packaging is gorgeous!

In terms of Nespresso Pods- The Tesco Finest range is the winner for me. Their flavoured pods (Vanilla, Hazlenut) have a great amount of flavour without losing the coffee taste. For Christmas 2023 they have launched two seasonal flavours- Gingerbread and Spiced Orange. Their No.8 pod is my daily go to. At £2.90 for 10 capules they are miles cheaper than branded pods!

Good Tea

My daily tea is Yorkshire Gold- because Sir Patrick Stewart would never steer you wrong when it comes to tea (or anything, really). It’s definitely pricier than other brands, but absolutely worth it to me.

I’m also a fan of Twinings Spicy Chai, and Tesco Vanilla Chai.

Brushed Cotton (Flannel) Bedding

If you’ve never slept in brushed cotton bedding, you’re missing out! It’s just SO soft. Even after washing. It keeps you warm at night, whilst being breathable. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. We got our fitted sheet and pillowcases from George at Asda, and the bedding set itself from Dunelm.

Fingerless Gloves

My hands are always cold. Even after holding a hot drink they quickly go back to being like icicles. These gloves from Amazon are essential for me in Winter. They keep my hands warm and I can still use my phone! Win win.

A Classic Novel

Who doesn’t love a classic? I recently treated myself to this Clothbound Edition of Little Women, but you can get the mass market versions of most classics for less than £5.

If you like a strong heroine as much as I do, some other great choices are:

  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Jayne Eyre
  • Wuthering Heights

Christmas ‘Chick Lit’

I HATE that term. But I can’t think of another to describe the sort of book I mean! As much as I love a Classic novel, I’m also a big fan of these stories. I currently have Jenny Colgans Midnight at The Christmas Bookshop on my Amazon wishlist. I have two on my bookshelf from my visit to 66 books.


Ok so these are EXPENSIVE.

BUT, I’ve included it because the high street is full of cheaper alternatives which I’m reliably informed are just as good. Plus we got ours during a sale where they were half price, or we wouldn’t have bought them. I reckon these save us a fortune on heating- they really are that warm! Check out their site to see if they are having a sale, or if you just have no idea what an Oodie is!

National Trust Membership

Without this I fear I might not leave the house in Winter! Yes there are local spots to walk that are free that we go to, but Cliveden is nearby and one of our favourites to visit. Last year they had a photo trail with big wooden frames to take selfies with. Plus the National Trust Christmas Gift selection is perfection.

Scented Candles

If you’ve read my book, you knew this would be on this list! For inexpensive ones try B&Ms, Home Bargains or TK Maxx.

Christmas Markets

What I love about Christmas Markets is that you don’t really have to spend anything (Maybe a hot drink) to enjoy them. The gorgeous array of handcrafted goods- from decorations, to food, to gifts are enough to delight the senses without necessarily buying (Though it’s amazing to support local business in this way if you can)

The big ones are in cities such as London (Obviously), Manchester, Bath and Edinburgh, but there are lots of smaller ones too. Google is your friend here to find ones closer to you!

In theory this list could be much longer, but ten seemed a reasonable number to stop at! What are your Autumn/Winter must haves? Let me know!


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