Top 10 Kitchen Must Haves To Make Cooking Easy


If you’ve spent any amount of time here, you’ll know that cooking and baking is my jam (Pun absolutely intended!)

When we viewed this house, I fell in love with the kitchen. It’s an open kitchen diner with a big island and shaker-esque cabinets (MANY cabinets) I feel grateful to have such a big space with plenty of storage, and it’s one of my favourite rooms to spend time in.

Over the years I’ve had the privillege of making this space my own, and have added many items which have become indispensable to me. I thought It would be fun to share my top ten essentials with you and to see if you agree, or not!

Nespresso Lattissma One

When we first moved here, I had a Tassimo Coffee machine. It was great, but with the growing popularity of other brands of machine the coffee pod selection became less and less. So I started looking into getting another brand of machine, and checking the most popular brands of coffee pods available. Dolce Gusto is up there, but Nespresso pods won it for me as they were aluminium, had a recycling scheme and many major coffee brands made pods for them (Supermarkets too!) I knew I wanted one with a milk frother, and eventually settled on the Lattissma One. It was on sale too, which definitely helped! I make my first coffee of the day in this every day, and it’s always delicious.

Side note- the booklet says not to use the frother with plant milk, but that’s all I drink and it’s never been an issue. I find Almond froths better than Oat, but that’s about it! If you’re serious about Coffee I highly recommend it!

Available at Amazon

La Cafetière Monaco Stainless Steel Cafetière

I said I was serious about coffee, and I meant it! The only downside to the Nespresso Lattissma is you have to make one cup at a time. Now this is ordinarily fine, as I believe in quality over quantity, but sometimes you just need more coffee, right? I’m currently obsessed with Fika Ground Coffee so I’m getting a LOT of use out of this.

Available on Amazon

Denby Azure Tableware

When we were looking to upgrade our basic tableware, I was keen to invest in quality that would last- so Denby was my first choice. It’s made right here in the UK in a region referred to as The Potteries, and the quality is second to none. I had John Lewis vouchers to use which went on the dinner plates. We were then gifted the bowls as a wedding present. Fun fact- my husband already had another set of Denby small plates and when I saw them in his flat when we started dating, I knew this was a man who knew quality!

Available Here

Ninja 2 in 1 Blender

If you’re a Vegan- you need this. Vegan recipes so often call for nuts to be blended up smoothly which is just impossible in a processor or basic blender. Believe me, I tried! I won an Amazon voucher (Lucky me!) and used some of it to purchase this, and I have no regrets. I haven’t tried blending cashews in it yet to make creamy sauce, but it’s on my to do list… as is making tasty hazlenut chocolate spread! It has both automatic and manual programmes, so you are in full control of how much you blend something.

Available on Amazon


I’m guilty of owning *multiple* plastic containers from the Chinese takeaway, and I do use them for certain things. But my Pyrex set is my go to for leftovers that need freezing, waffles and pancakes that I’ve made in advance to be frozen, and anything I know will not survive being stored in cheap plastic containers. Pyrex is a staple kitchen item for good reason, its high quality and it lasts.

Available on Amazon (Bowls only on this link, but other dishes are available!)

Winter Angel Fabulosa Disinfectant

If you’re obsessed with Snow Fairy from Lush, you NEED this scent from Fabulosa in your life. Available in wipes, concentrated disinfectant, ready mixed spray and washing machine cleaner it’s one of the best dupes (scent wise) for Snow Fairy. Don’t shower with it though!

Available from The Range and B&Ms.

Hardback Cookbooks

I love cookbooks. As much as finding recipes online is convenient, trying to cook without the phone screen locking all the time is not (iPhone users- you can increase the lockout time in your settings but it’s still a pain) I only buy cookbooks if I like at least half the recipes, so for that reason I tend to borrow them from the library first. I was recently gifted a copy of Veganomicon for Christmas, and I can’t wait to try the recipes out! Obviously the cookbooks you buy will depend very much on your own preferences, so I won’t link any here. Top tip- Charity shops are a haven for hardback cookbooks!

Teabag Organiser

My Husband drinks A LOT of tea, and has many, many flavours of it! I purchased this clear teabag storage container so we can both see what we have, and what’s running low, so we can order more before we run out. It also helps to remind us of all the flavours we have, instead of them being tucked away in a dark cupboard somewhere. These are stackable too, bonus!

Available on Amazon


You knew this was coming- right? I feel like everyone has jumped on the airfryer bandwagon these past few years, and rightly so- they are great! These are a game changer for beige foods- chips, fries, nuggets, anything breaded or battered. No more soggyness that you get from the oven! Everything comes out perfectly crisp. Now of course you can use an airfryer for almost anything you put in an oven- even baking (Which I have yet to try) so you can go way beyond beige, but that’s my primary use for it if I’m being honest. I can’t resist a crispy vegan nugget, what can I say?

There are SO many brands and types available, and it’s worth doing your research so you get the right one for you. This is ours, which we find is perfect for 2!


I had been toying with the idea of getting a breadmaker for a while, but I was worried that I’d spend a lot of money and end up not liking it, or finding it didn’t really do a good job. I bought the one pictured (no longer available) for £10 off Facebook Marketplace in order to test it out, and it might be the best £10 I ever spent! I can have fresh baked bread whenever I want, and we make our own pizza at least once a week. It’s also perfect for making dough for Cinnamon rolls too. Again, it’s worth doing your research as there are so many makes and models out there, but if you’re someone who likes the idea of baking bread, but not the effort involved in kneading it- give it a go!

So there you have it- my top 10 kitchen must have’s! What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.


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