The Best Gifts For Book Lovers

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When buying a gift for a book loving friend or family member there is of course the opportunity to buy them, well- a book!

Case in point- my Husband and I buy each other a book each year to swap on Christmas Eve. We were inspired after reading about Jolabokaflod, an Icelandic celebration whereby families will gift each other books and chocolate on Christmas Eve, and stay up all night reading. We send each other a selection of titles from our Amazon wishlist- that way we know we will get something we want, but there is still an element of surprise.

However- If you’re not entirely sure what they like to read and don’t want to risk getting them something they won’t enjoy (but will feel too guilty to give away) or a book they already own, check out these beautiful gifts that are sure to make their day. If you are clear on what they like to read, there are extra special gifts on this list that will fit the bill too!

Blind Date with a Book Box- Cosy Girls Society

Photo © The Cosy Girls Society

First up is this beautiful gift from The Cosy Girls Society on Etsy! You can pick the book based on a description, and have it sent straight to your intended recipient. It includes:

A wrapped book
Book tracker bookmark
Himalayan bath salts
Fuzzy socks
A selection of Cosy Girls stickers
English breakfast tea
Crocheted mug rug

Bonus- if you mark it as a gift they will include a message as well. This is such a fun idea, and a chance for your intended recipient to add another book to their (ever growing!) collection. The lovely extras make the whole book reading experience extra cosy too!

Grab it HERE

Bean Bag Book Rest- The British Library

Photo © The British Library

If you’re a big reader- you know that holding a book open for a long time can make your hands sore, and if nothing else it can be awkward to hold the pages down! This bean bag book rest is the perfect way to read comfortably, and free up your hands. It’s also great for e-readers, and is available in other colours.

Grab it HERE

Reader Mug- Bodleian Library Shop

Photo © The Bodelian Library

The Bodleian online shop is a treasure trove of gifts for book lovers, but this mug stood out with its wonderful minimalist deisgn. It’s handmade in Scotland and holds 300ml- the perfect size for Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate! The Bodleian itself is well worth a visit if you’re able to travel to Oxford.

Grab it HERE

Living Plant Pot Bookends- Not on the Highstreet

Photo ©

If your intended recipient also has a green thumb- this is the perfect gift! A plant pot perfectly split in two to function as book ends, that is also home to a real plant!

Grab it HERE

Pride and Prejudice- The Folio Society

Photo © The Folio Society

The Folio Society publishes the most exquisite editions of books that you can imagine- and that is reflected in the price point. If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime gift, or something for a very special occasion- they have folio editions of many classic and contemporary books- including this edition of Pride and Prejudice.

Grab it HERE

Which gift did you like best, and which do you want to purchase for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


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