3 Quick and Easy Cosy Books To Read This Autumn


September has just FLOWN by! It was my birthday yesterday, which means it’s almost October (My favourite ber month, second to September of course)

The ber months are definitely more conducive to reading in my mind. I’ve spent many afternoons in my comfy armchair with a cup of tea and a good book this month. I also put my new candle on my side table to add to the ambience.

So, what have I been reading?

The Girl on the 88 Bus- Freya Sampson

After reading The Last Library I had to pick up Sampson’s second book and I wasn’t dissapointed.

Libby moves to London, her life in tatters- no partner, no job, no prospects. Then she meets Frank- who has been riding the 88 bus everyday for 66 years hoping to find the one that got away. Libby, touched by his story, vows to help him, but Franks dementia is worsening, and the girl that got away is fading fast in his mind.

I loved this book- it’s sad in places, but inspiring in others. Libby grew so much throughout, and ultimately realised that letting her family make all her decisions is not a way to live.

All in all, this book will remind you to have faith in people, including yourself.

The Pumpkin Spice Cafe- Laurie Gilmore

Who doesn’t love a seasonally appropriate small town romance?

Jeanie has just moved to Dream Harbour to take over her aunt’s coffee shop. She meets Logan, the flannel wearing farmer with a big heart for rescuing animals and well, you know where that goes! There’s also a mystery element. Someone is sabotaging the cafe, in an attempt to get Jeanie out of town and back to the big city. Its quite obvious who by the time you’re a few chapters in, but it’s still a fun part of the plot. Warning: This book is NOT a clean romance.

Pumpkin Spice and Pour Overs- Elise Kennedy

This is a Novella and is once again small town centric and seasonally appropriate.

The story follows Becca who is travelling to Vermont to escape her city life in Publishing, and run a local bookstore instead. On the train she meets a handsome stranger, who it turns out, is also going for that job! The interview runs late and Becca has nowhere to stay, except with Leo in his hotel room. Who will get the job? Warning: This book is NOT a clean romance.

That’s everything I read, how about you? Comment down below!


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